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So what is this soft washing thing you keep hearing about? Is it similar to pressure washing? Soft washing is a safe alternative to pressure washing a surface that is pressure sensitive or simply does not require pressure to get clean. It involves applying a chemical solution via a low-pressure wand followed by light agitation with a brush as needed. There are many surfaces and situations where pressure washing is not the safest or even the most efficient solution. Perhaps you have a painted surface that you are afraid will peel under pressure, or maybe there is something growing such as bacteria, lichen or mold and pressure washing doesn't keep it away for very long. This is where soft washing comes in. We will inspect your property and determine which method of cleaning is the safest and most efficient to ensure your property gets a lasting clean.

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Having the proper equipment and tools is essential is getting the job done right. We use quite pumps designed to deliver cleaning solutions and water with speed.

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What good are tools without the right experience and training to use them? We know when and how to soft wash your unique property!

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Safety is always our top priority, not only for our crew but also for our clients and their property. We every step and precaution to keep safety first.

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Is Soft Washing Safe?

Are you wondering if this method is right for your property? Soft-washing is often the safest approach to ensure your siding, paint, fascia etc does not get damaged by using too much pressure. The truth is, pressure washing is best used on porous surfaces rather than on painted ones. We us pressure to provide a good rinse on most vertical surfaces but not to deliver the cleaning solution or to do the brunt of the cleaning work. Soap, agitate and rinse is usually the best way to clean most non-concrete surfaces. Much like when cleaning dishes, using water pressure alone does not make it clean, and it can sometime create quite a mess. Our chemical solution is surface specific, delivered by experienced professionals, and well rinsed - so there is no need to worry about property or plant damage.


Colby and his team did an EXCELLENT job cleaning my house, gutters and driveway. They were very professional and courteous. I would strongly recommend this company.

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We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We want every client to have a wonderful experience, from the moment they first contact us to make an appointment to the moment we leave their property, we strive to always leave them smiling. We always exercise the proper safety precautions to ensure that not only our crew but also our clients and their property are being well taken care of. When soft washing, we using cleaning solutions that are tough on dirt and grime but gentle on the cleaning surface. So you can always have peace of mind knowing your home or business is in good hands.

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Soft Washing Results

Our soft washing services are an effective and affordable way to get your property looking clean in no time. The service is quick and produces same-day results. We have cleaned hundreds of homes and businesses like yours and would love to demonstrate what we can do for your property. You really never know how weathered your property looks until you see it clean.
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Soft Wash Equipment

Our soft washing tools and pumps are always primed and ready to clean many different surfaces. Our on-demand pumps deliver the proper solution to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning. The cleaning agents go to work immedietly loosening dirt and grime as well as cleaning bacteria and other unsightly growth present on the surface. While it may look like we are pressure washing a surface you can rest easy knowing that our chemical wands have a maximum pressure of 60psi as apposed to the 3000+psi of a pressure washer.